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Fundraisers and Spirit Nights are great for the community...

*** Up to 15% of Designated Sales go to your organization ***

​Fundraisers are great for:
~Sports Teams and Organizations
~Schools and PTA/PTO
~Booster Clubs
~Youth Groups
~All Non-Profit Organizations
~And many many more!

We can include everything in the Fundraiser/Spirit Night:
~All our frozen treats
~All hot and cold beverages
~Our hats, beanies, shirts and other merchandise
~Pre-orders of our Fresh Fruit Bouquets
~Pre-orders of our Fresh Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
~Gift Card Loads
... you get a percentage of it all!

We can provide you with everything you need:
Facebook artwork/Email blast artwork – all you have to do is send it to teachers and they can distribute it to the students.

A flyer that you can print and distribute to the students a few days before.

We create a Facebook Event on our Facebook page. You can too if you want, we will provide you with a Facebook event header.

You don’t have to be there! Our staff will take care of everything.

If anyone wants to leave cash donations in your bucket, we will forward those directly to you.

For questions, or to book your fundraiser, e-mail us today at

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